Industrial Inspection and HD Filming


We are a global UAV operator platform
There is no project too big or hard that we cannot fulfil

Allinair combines the latest advances in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with innovative uses of imaging equipment to perform a wide range of high quality mapping & aerial surveys. UAVs are the perfect solution to get up-to-date high resolution imagery filling in the gaps from other survey methods by providing more recent & more precise data. Our services are categorized in to six modalities: 1. Industrial Inspections and Security for Oil and gas, Electrical, Chemical Industries and more. Allinair can provide precise and close-up imaging and thermal inspection of difficult to reach locations like flare tips and stacks. Using Allinair you will minimize downtime, save money and eliminate operator’s health risks. 2. Surveying. 3. Mapping. 4. Precision Agriculture. 5. Conservation. 6. HD filming photos and videos. All our pilots are certified not only as drone pilots, but also with the quality certificate of Allinair. Our company awards quality certificates to pilots depending on their area of expertise and knowledge.


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